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Language - Split Words

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Brain Area Working

Cognitive Function Exercised
Left Right L R

How To Play

You're searching for the name of a flower. It's on the tip of your tongue. You know it starts with "am..." What is it? As quickly as possible, form complete words by combining syllables or fragments from the game table. Target words are categorized into themes and you have a choice of working with two or three syllables/fragments.

Cognitive Function Exercised

A memory must be acquired, stored, and accessible to be successful. Although memory is achieved through multiple phases, memory retrieval is the only way a memory can be measured. The brain area exercised in this game is the left temporal lobe, which gets activated when information retrieval is called upon. This task helps you practice to quickly retrieve words from your language repertoire. Each syllable can be seen as a phonetic cue that facilitates word retrieval. So, think in syllables!

Benefits to Daily Life

One of the most frequent complaints relates to something called the “tip of the tongue” phenomenon, the universal experience of trying to think of a word you know but cannot instantly retrieve. As one gets older, he or she may have more of these “tip of the tongue” experiences so it is important to address these concerns as soon as possible.

We talk to people every day and it is important to have a fluent conversation with others and to convey precisely what we mean to say. When giving a speech, teaching a class or describing a complex idea, it is important to have easy access to an extensive vocabulary. One needs to practice using his or her language; it is the key to helping memory retrieval. By reading language, producing language and thinking about language, one can strengthen connections to specific sounds and this facilitates retrieval of words.

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