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Language - Embroidery

Description Results Happy'Z

Brain Area Working

Cognitive Function Exercised
Left Right L R

How To Play

In this language game, a table with sixteen boxes appears and each box contains a letter of the alphabet. You must find the word hidden within the scramble of letters. You can choose seven, eight or nine-letter words. This is a deceptively challenging game, so clues are provided to help you find the correct answer.

Cognitive Function Exercised

The areas of the brain at work are the occipital lobe for processing incoming visual information and the left temporal lobe for language, verbal memory and information retrieval. Some exercises are more difficult than others as they simultaneously call upon several different skills. To succeed at this task, you will need to combine visual scanning and semantic memory. Many people process most language information using the left side of their brain.

Benefits to Daily Life

The skills called upon in this exercise are constantly used in our daily lives. For example, scanning for your name on a class list or scanning a monitor for airline flight departures to see if your flight is on time. Crossword puzzles also train your skills for word retrieval. It is about mentally searching through the language repository stored in long-term memory.

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