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Happy'Z: HAPPYneuron's loyalty program

HAPPYneuron rewards its members! The Happy'Z loyalty program allows you to earn points and enjoy plenty of advantages. Once you have reached the maintaining your training stage of the HAPPYneuron method, the loyalty program also requires you to accomplish goals. Happy'Z is all about bringing novelty, reaching your targets, and keeping your motivation!

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How it works

    During your training, earn points when you:

  • - start a supervised session
  • - complete a game (the number of points depends on your score)
  • - accomplish goals
  • - subscribe or renew your membership

You can check your points by clicking on "My dashboard" and scrolling down to the "Happy'Z" section.

Once you have earned a certain number of points you can access new bonus games. It'll be easy to unlock the first games but expect it to be a little more tricky for the last bonus games!

Your status

Your status also increases based on how many points you have earned. You start off as a Beginner. Each time your status changes, you get special subscription offers. You can check your status by clicking on "My dashboard" and scrolling down to the Happy'Z section.

Your objectives

For efficient progress with HAPPYneuron, we have defined a system with goals to accomplish in order to keep you motivated throughout the training.

Set goals within the games have to be achieved and regular users are rewarded. For every accomplished goal, the user receives a postcard (if he/she uses the Wellness Program) or a trophy (if he/she has chosen the Performance Program). For example, you get a picture (postcard or trophy) if you have reached 100% accuracy for a game of Split Words with 3 syllables. You also get a picture when you reach the 200 games mark (with all games).

    There are two types of goals:
  • - Those included in the games: There are 2 to 5 goals for each game. For the Wellness Program the postcard is game-related. Every time you accomplish a goal for a certain game you get a piece of the picture. Accomplish all set goals to complete your picture. The Performance Program offers trophies instead of pictures. A game can thus contain 2 to 5 trophies.

  • - Those based on your level of activity on HAPPYneuron: You can also get postcards or trophies for regular training and for being a long-term member.

You can check the goals you have accomplished by clicking on "My dashboard" and scrolling down to the "Happy'Z" section.


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