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How it works

The training

You've created your free trial and chosen your program. Now you're ready to begin the training. There are now three main steps: Building your profile, training your cognitive functions, and maintaining your training.

Step 1 - Building my cognitive profile

  • The 25 cognitive indicators

    For each exercise, our experts in neuropsychology and cognitive psychology have defined a list of cognitive functions involved in each task. The impact of each function to master a particular task has also been detailed. HAPPYneuron games are not only about the five major cognitive functions memory, attention, language, executive functions, and visual and spatial processing. The games also involve 25 further subfunctions which have been listed by our experts. These functions are for example the semantic memory, visual working memory, hypothetical-deductive reasoning, or mental imaging. Your cognitive profile is therefore made up of 25 indicators for which the score varies between 0 and 100 and which are used to determine an average value. The more exercises you do, the more these indicators evolve and the more accurate your profile becomes.

  • Initializing the profile

    You start off the program as a newcomer so that you have to play a few games to initialize your cognitive profile. In order to reach a stable and statistically significant profile, you will need to do several dozen exercises. You can check your performance process at any time by clicking on "My Dashboard" (see picture opposite). Note that, the performance line for certain brain functions may decrease or increase over time even if you don't do any exercises from these specific cognitive areas. This is due to the fact that an exercise may mainly focus on training a particular cognitive skill but, at the same time, it also involves other cognitive areas as well. Take "Towers of Hanoi" as an example: It mainly trains executive functions, including strategy and planning. However, the task also trains attention, memory and visual-spatial capabilities, although to a lesser extent. Thus, if you work to achieve a perfect score on "Towers of Hanoi" your performance line for "Executive Functions" will obviously increase, but your performance line for visual-spatial skills will also increase somewhat over time even if you haven't played any specific exercises from this particular cognitive area.

Step 2 - Training with the coach

You can start the training as soon as you've completed your profile. Training on a regular basis and following our advice should help you improve your scores. How long it takes to see an improvement depends on you and on how much you train. In order to train effectively and to insure progress over time, we recommend 2 to 3 sessions per week of 30 minutes each.

  • The coaching sessions

    Each time you launch a coaching session, your personal coach performs calculations to determine the most relevant exercises that will optimize your training effort, taking into consideration the amount of time you have to spend. These calculations mainly consider the following three criteria in order to offer you the appropriate program:

    • exercises to work on your weaknesses,
    • exercises you haven't done recently to vary your training and make sure it doesn't get boring,
    • exercises for the least stimulated cognitive functions to make sure your training is homogenous.

    During a workout session, the personal coach has numerous functions, one of which is to recommend the most appropriate exercises and particular variants or level according to your current profile. The variant will be one of several levels of difficulty, easy, moderate or hard. The coach will make a choice based on your level of comfort and how prepared you are for a challenge. A small star icon always indicates your coach's recommendation for this game, based on your profile.

  • The free mode

    Please note that you can also play in free mode simply by going to the list of games and choosing the one you want. You can also select the level of difficulty recommended by the coach or choose the one you'd like.

  • Performance history

    You can check the evolution of your profile at any time by clicking on "My Dashboard".
    You can always look at your progress over the past weeks or months, either globally or for each individual cognitive area. Again, you'll be able to notice evolutions in the performance line for certain brain functions (decrease or increase) even if you don't do any exercises from these specific cognitive areas. This is due to the fact that a game can train several cognitive indicators at the same time.

Step 3 - Maintaining my Training

Maintaining your training begins when your cognitive performance line tends to take more time to increase (see picture opposite). The start of this stage depends on the person as it also depends on how assiduously you train. However, for a person who trains 2 to 3 times a week, this stage usually starts after three months' training. It is just as important as the previous stage since it represents the final objective of the training: Keeping the habit of a fun and diverse cognitive stimulation!
However, this isn't the easiest stage of the training as you have to keep motivated. This is why the HAPPYneuron method offers innumerable services to keep your interest and motivation at their highest!

  • Happy'Z, an attractive loyalty program

    A reward for your loyalty! The more you train with HAPPYneuron, the more points you earn and the more interesting discounts you'll get.
    More information about Happy'Z

  • Unlock bonus games

    In order to tickle your curiosity and keep the fun, certain games require a little effort before you can actually access them. Earn a certain number of points to unlock these games!
    More information about the bonus games

  • Collect pretty postcards or great trophies

    It's hard to keep your motivation if you have no specific goals. This is why we want to encourage and reward you with pretty pictures which you'll get depending on how long you have been a member, how regular you are, and on your game results.
    More information about the goals

  • Supervised sessions via email

    You can use our online coaching sessions but also sign up for supervised sessions via email which you can just launch without logging on to HAPPYneuron. Just choose your day(s) and the time you have to spend!


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