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The HAPPYneuron Brain Fitness Coach

Stimulating your brain with the HAPPYneuron games can help you keep a challenged brain. But how do you choose the right games to progress and the most appropriate games for your cognitive profile? The HAPPYneuron coach has been designed to choose the right games to help you progress and choose from the numerous available games.

Tracking Tool

At the end of each game, your results are saved and analyzed. Your dashboard gives both a general and a detailed overview of how your cognitive performance evolves. Clear and simple graphs provide feedback on your strengths and weaknesses based on comparisons with hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of other users who match your demographic characteristics. A history of your progress for each game is also available on the game info pages.

Custom Guidance

Personalized Coaching Sessions: In the Balanced Approach, the coach will suggest a variety of games that will exercise your brain on a spectrum of critical thinking skills. HAPPYneuron takes account of your past performance and your cognitive strengths and weaknesses. You can change your session to specifically train one of the five cognitive functions or work on your weaknesses.

HAPPYneuron Adapts as You Improve: As you improve your scores, HAPPYneuron will automatically adapt to your progress and present ever increasing challenges. The coach will suggest an appropriate difficulty level for your skills, not too hard, but not too easy either. This level will be based on your past performance.

Constant Motivation

Coach Sessions Via Email: Your coach meets you straight in your email inbox and, if you wish so, brings you a personalized selection of exercises. You can determine the time you have to spend, the training frequency, and the type of training session you would like.

Discover New Services: A goal is essential to keep your motivation over the long-term. Meet challenges and earn points to play and discover even more HAPPYneuron games!


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