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Language - This Story is Full of Blanks!

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Brain Area Working

Cognitive Function Exercised
Left Right L R

How To Play

Be an editor for a day by going through a text in which words are missing. You must then choose the correct word out of a list of words provided. To make it more creative and interesting, you can choose between prose, drama or poetry.

Cognitive Function Exercised

The main brain area at play is the left temporal lobe where the seat of language is located for most people who are right-handed. This exercise requires concentration, a solid vocabulary and good semantics which refers to aspects of meaning, as expressed in language.

Benefits to Daily Life

Everyday, we use the various aspects of language, oral comprehension and expression, and reading and writing. We exercise our vocabulary and grammatical skills when we write a letter, an essay or a report. We try to carefully choose the right word that expresses what we mean. On a daily basis we need to build coherent texts and in order to do that we must judiciously choose relevant and grammatically correct words out of our repertoire.

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