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Memory - Cocktails

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Brain Area Working

Cognitive Function Exercised
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How To Play

Would you like to compete against the greatest bartenders in the world? Start mixing now! In this game you have to memorize and recall the recipe of one or two cocktails. Remember the ingredients, the type of glass and the garnishes. Armed with these real recipes you can show off your new found bartending skills at your next party... in moderation of course.

Cognitive Function Exercised

This exercise challenges your verbal memory as you remember a good deal of information to create your cocktails. When recalling the information you will have multiple bar ingredients to choose from. Your visual analysis is trained as you scan each shelf to identify the right ingredients and correct quantity. Your concentration is called upon to from the time you are presented with the recipe.

Benefits to Daily Life

We constantly need our verbal memory in daily life, whether we need to retain information we have just read in a book, or simply remember the names of someone new that you just met, or to memorize some content from a recipe. As a student, our memory is in constant use but when this stage of intensive learning is over we tend to use it less. This puts us at more risk of losing it over time. We often use various little "helpers" like our cell phones, task lists, post-it notes, etc. Unfortunately, outsourcing our memory in this way can lead to decline of the very thing we are trying to strengthen. By keeping the memorization networks active will make it easier to learn and to remember more for a longer period of our lives.

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