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Memory - Around the World in 80 Trips

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Brain Area Working

Cognitive Function Exercised
Left Right L R

How To Play

Embark on a splendid tour through the most beautiful regions on earth. You are asked to memorize the itineraries of two tours that you may select from a list of destinations, including Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Brazil. Itineraries consist of the names of the places you visit and the pictures associated with those places.

Cognitive Function Exercised

This exercise trains visual and spatial memory pertaining to environmental information. You will need good orientation and perceptual skills to succeed. Various hints are suggested that may help you improve your memorization capacities. The primary areas of the brain that are exercised in this game are the right parietal cortex and the right temporal cortex.

Visual-spatial skills allow us to visually perceive objects and the spatial relationships among them. Spatial memory can be considered a subcategory of visual memory because it relies on a cognitive or mental map whereby an individual can acquire, code, store, recall, and decode information about the relative locations and characteristics in one's spatial environment. These are the skills that enable us to mentally manipulate and rotate information in space by taking different perspectives.

Benefits to Daily Life

Good visual-spatial skills are needed to orient yourself in a neighborhood or city, or to retrace your steps along a winding back road or through a forest. You also need those skills to find your car in an airport parking lot or even to estimate distances from a map. These skills are crucial to your everyday life.

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