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Reasoning - Ready, Steady, Count!

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Cognitive Function Exercised
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How To Play

How good is your mental arithmetic? Can you quickly tell if you have received the correct change at the store? In this game, you are asked to carry out mental calculations. In this exercise you are presented with a series of numbers and mathematical symbols to be used to perform some mental arithmetic calculations.

Cognitive Function Exercised

This game trains working memory, executive function (calculation and arithmetic reasoning), mental imagery and your concentration.
Concentration is an essential baseline skill that helps you to understand the objective of the game and read the numbers and symbols. Your working memory is essential to temporarily keep small amounts of information in mind while you perform the next cognitive functional on that information. Finally, your executive functions are used to perform the arithmetic calculations.

Benefits to Daily Life

In daily life, keeping information in your head while performing other tasks is essential and has implications for everyone at every life stage. A strong working memory helps you get to work on time, answer multiple questions about a presentation or a new recipe, follow a conversation, participate in group discussions, prioritize activities, handle family conflicts and manage financial transactions.
You need working memory to argue a point, to understand someone, and to think simultaneously about what is being said so that you can effectively process it and prepare an answer.

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