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Reasoning - Countdown

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Brain Area Working

Cognitive Function Exercised
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How To Play

Train your mental calculation and multi-step processing skills by discovering the math formulas. The game presents various numbers and four standard mathematical functions: +,-, x, and /. You’ll choose the right combination of numbers and math functions to achieve the target answer. From time to time you will need to perform intermediate operations in the process.

Cognitive Function Exercised

The aim of this exercise is to help train your action-planning, reasoning abilities and mental flexibility. In the process you train your working memory (enabling you to temporarily memorize the elements of the operation: numbers, symbols & intermediate results), your long-term memory (memory of previously learned multiplication tables), mental imagery and concentration.

Benefits to Daily Life

In daily life, you frequently need to process information and numbers in a step by step manner, with intermediate sub-goals, in order to reach a final solution. Only a few problems have a direct solution that can be reached in a single step. This game will improve your action-planning and reasoning abilities and help you refresh your multiplication tables, which are always useful in daily life. Your increased mental agility will help you respond more quickly when formulating your taxes, calculating the wait time for the train, calculating the waiter’s tip in a restaurant, reconciling your bank statements and more.

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