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My Games will not launch. What Should I Do?

If you click on the button "Play" of a game and it doesn't launch, please follow the steps below:
1. Log out of the HAPPYneuron website by clicking "Log out" at the top right corner of the page.
2. Log in again by clicking "Log in" in the same spot, then try to launch a game.
3. If the problem persists, please clear your browser's cache by following the steps below:

If you are using Internet Explorer,

  1. In the main menu at the top of your navigator, click Tools/Internet Options and go to the General tab

  2. In the "Browsing history" section click "Delete" and check the box "Temporary Internet Files" (you can uncheck the remaining boxes)

  3. Click "Delete"
If you are using Mozilla Firefox,
  1. In the main menu at the top of your browser go to Tools/Clear Recent History

  2. In the "Time range to clear" section, select "Everything"

  3. Check the "Cache" box (you can uncheck the remaining boxes)

  4. Click "Clear now"
If you are using Google Chrome,
  1. In the main menu at the top right of your browser, click the button with the three horizontal bars and then select "Tools" and "Clear browsing data"

  2. Check the box "Clear cache" (you can uncheck the other boxes)

  3. Click the button "Clear browsing data"
If you are using Safari,
  1. Click "Safari" at the top left of your browser and select "Empty caches".

  2. A dialog box appears, click "Empty".


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