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Reasoning - Writing in the Stars

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Brain Area Working

Cognitive Function Exercised
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How To Play

Heavenly inspiration is required for this new twist on the old cross-word puzzle. You are given a list of nine words. Only six of them connect with each other to form the six point star.

Cognitive Function Exercised

This exercise aims at training your capacity for logical reasoning. In order to determine which 6 words to choose from the list of nine, you have to try a number of logical combinations to find which positions of letters are common to two or three words.

The main brain area involved in this task is the pre-frontal cortex. This game trains your “executive functions”. This term refers to a set of mental processes that are involved in goal-directed activity. Executive functions include: keeping track of several pieces of information at once, making flexible changes in the plan as needed, thinking creatively to come up with a variety of possible solutions and generating and testing hypotheses in a systematic way.

Benefits to Daily Life

To carry out a shopping trip, especially in an unfamiliar environment where you have to visit many different shops, is an example of a situation that requires "multitasking" in everyday life. Also, making travel plans, keeping track of all your appointments, engaging in group dynamics at work or at a social event, to evaluate a colleagues ideas and then to reflect on the work are all examples of executive functioning.

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