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Attention - Sound check

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Brain Area Working

Cognitive Function Exercised
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How To Play

In this exercise, you will hear a number of sounds, one after the other, from various musical instruments. Focus on the height, length and volume of these notes since you will have to indicate which ones were the highest and the lowest, the longest and the shortest, the softest and the loudest.

Cognitive Function Exercised

This exercise calls upon your attention and auditory memory, as well as your capacities to recognize and differentiate sounds. To be successful, you will need to keep in mind the series of sounds you have just heard and focus all your attention to compare them and answer according to the selected criteria.

Benefits to Daily Life

It can be really useful in a noisy daily environment to sharpen your hearing capacities: you can hear a danger coming, an alarm set off at a distance, or just someone calling you in a crowd. Having superior hearing abilities in a world where visual information is the most used channel is definitely an asset. This exercise enables you to train your abilities to differentiate sounds according to their heights (low-pitched, high-pitched), their duration and their volume (soft or loud). If you work on these skills, you will become more sensitive to the characteristics of sounds, especially in a musical context. You will also train your short-term memory of auditory information. Auditory memory is constantly used in life: during conversations or at a conference, while listening to message on voice mail or to the news on TV, etc. a never-ending list!

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