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Can I Use My HAPPYneuron Account For Professional Purposes?

No. It is strictly forbidden to use HAPPYneuron for professional purposes. These are the reasons:

  • The difficulty levels of the HAPPYneuron games are designed for a “healthy” public and are not appropriate for people with a medical condition.
  • The HAPPYneuron license is a personal and non-professional license, prices are therefore for private use only.
  • The HAPPYneuron accounts cannot be used collectively as the cognitive profile and the coaching guidance would otherwise be biased (Can My Account Be Used By Several People?).
  • Adding the results of people suffering from a medical condition would bias our data and therefore harm both the company and the entire HAPPYneuron community.
HAPPYneuron accounts are therefore strictly personal and designed for personal use only. Any other use constitutes fraud. If you would like to use our cognitive games for professional use, please visit our website SBT-Pro. It offers the HAPPYneuron with adapted settings for people with altered cognitive functions. More information about


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