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How it works

Discovering and choosing the program

1. I want to try HAPPYneuron for free

I discover HAPPYneuron for free
  • I'm getting familiar with the HAPPYneuron method

    HAPPYneuron gives you the opportunity to discover its complete program for free with no further obligations. This 7-day free trial allows you to get familiar with the training method and to try our games.

  • Creating my account

    In order to use the HAPPYneuron games you first need to register. This is necessary for us to calculate your scores and for our system to monitor your training, guide you, and help you progress. You are unique and so is your brain! This is why brain training has to be adjusted to each person. Your scores are calculated based on your gender, age, and educational level. This information is kept strictly confidential. More information about the score calculation.

2. I want to choose my personalized training

I want to choose my personalized training

Everyone is different and brain training has to be personalized based on the person's preferences or needs. HAPPYneuron gives you the opportunity to choose the type of training you want.

  • Choosing my personalized training program

    If you're just looking to train at a comfortable pace then choose the "Wellness Program". If you're looking for a challenge then choose the "Performance Program".

  • Choosing my coach

    You also have the opportunity to choose your coach. Ten different coaches are available for both programs. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with and he or she will be guiding you throughout your training.

  • Choosing my workout settings

    Finally, choose your workout settings. The coach workouts can be sent to you by email on a daily basis. Choose the days when you wish to receive email workouts and their approximate duration.


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