Got Brain Reserve?

For years, research was conducted to find out why some people remain cognitively fit throughout their lives, while other people don't. One of the main proponents of this theory is Dr. Yakoov Stern. It is described as a person's ability to withstand progressive brain pathology such as Alzheimer's disease by not showing any clinical symptoms. Scientists speculated that those without symptoms had greater neuronal resources, or in other words a greater reserve in terms of neurons and skills. Ever since, this has been known as "cognitive reserve". It is also the brain's ability to create new neural pathways and connections.

Researchers later produced great evidence that mentally stimulating activities could help delay the onset of neurodegenerative disease, while it also helped build cognitive reserve.

It is never too late to start developing your cognitive reserve. Key factors are an engaging lifestyle, regular stimulating activities such as reading, interactive games, or dancing. Of course, your brain also needs the right food, a well balanced diet is therefore very important, combined with regular physical exercise.

Find out more about cognitive reserve at an Interview with Dr. Yakoov Stern and at HAPPYneuron...


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