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Do you often remember your dreams? Do you often remember your dreams?
If the answer to this question is "yes" then it's likely that you will also react strongly when you hear your name being called. The comparison between these two phenomena may sound astonishing, yet it is based on neurological science, the alpha rhythm to be precise. By measuring the brain waves using electroencephalography (EEG), French researchers demonstrated that people who easily remember their dreams are also the most sensitive to external stimuli when awake. Since a dream cannot be encoded in deep sleep, people who wake up more often during the night (moments known as "micro-awakenings") are more prone to recalling their dreams.

September 21: World Alzheimer’s Day September 21: World Alzheimer’s Day
We are taking advantage of the key day of World Alzheimer’s Month that promotes research into Alzheimer’s to remind you that one of the most effective ways to fight off this illness is to maintain an active lifestyle throughout your life, whatever your age. If the end of your professional life is a chance for rest and relaxation, it is also a time when the brain risks being less stimulated than it was when you were working. This is why it is highly recommended that retirees engage in activities that help develop the brain such as gardening, reading or socializing.

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Elephant Memory Find the mystery word hidden in this grid
Elephant Memory

Can you memorize a list of 25 words in just one minute? It might sound a tough feat, yet try playing the Elephant Memory game and you might be surprised at your own mental capacities. After memorizing a list of words, you then have to find them hidden among other words. To help yourself memorize a number of different items, as in this game, we strongly recommend you devise your own strategies. In the easy level, the words belong to different categories, so you only need to group them together in your mind.

Find the Mystery Word

Number of letters: 7
Theme: Radio and TV

The letters have to be contiguous and diagonals are not allowed.

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